Bstrong Challenge


Challenge start date September 23rd your first delivery will be Sunday September 22nd. 

Food provided by us:

There will be a month at a glance menu that we will send you, as well as lots of variety! Half of your week will be delivered Sunday the other half of food will be delivered Wednesday. 

FREE delivery to Bstrong, additional fee for home delivery.

Breakfast lunch and dinner 7 days/ week:

Option 1

Pay upfront for the 61 days and save!

Cost breakdown: 4oz

Breakfast: $5.00

Lunch: $7.50

Dinner: $8.50

Daily total: $21 per day on food!

Pay weekly-4oz

Breakfast- $6.50

Lunch- $ 8.50

Dinner- $9.50

Daily total: $24.50

*Please select your portion size and if you want to pay weekly or monthly. If you choose weekly, we will send you an authorization form and charge your credit card weekly for 61 days.

*Increase in portion size will result in a minimal price increase for larger portions.


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